BorgWarner Supplies New Clutch Modules For Hyundai & Kia 8-Speed Transmission

Hyundai Aslan, Kia K7 8-speed transmission now optimised by BorgWarner’s Compact, Light-weight Clutch Modules Enhance Shift Feel and Reduce Drag to Improve Fuel Economy by 7.3 percent.

AUBURN HILLS, Mich.Aug. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — BorgWarner supplies clutch modules for Hyundai’s 8-speed automatic front-wheel drive transmission. Engineered to optimize efficiency and reduce drag, BorgWarner’s new clutch module helps the 8-speed transmission improve fuel economy 7.3 percent compared with the existing 6-speed automatic transmission. The transmission debuted on the 2016 Kia K7 (known as the Cadenza in the United States) and Hyundai Aslan sedans, built for markets around the world.

Reducing the overall length and weight of the transmission helps improve fuel economy. BorgWarner’s innovative new clutch module features two clutch packs combined into one space-saving housing. To meet the specifications for the transmission’s compact layout, the clutch module shares splines with another clutch to reduce space. Nested pistons made from low-weight aluminum also reduce the overall length and weight of the module. In addition, multi-segment wet friction plates employ full-depth intricate groove designs to improve shift feel and reduce drag 20 percent compared with conventional multi-segment plates.


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