Electric Urban Vehicles Start-up Constructs 5 Billion Yuan Plant in Eastern China

Chehejia, a Beijing-based startup, invest 5 billion yuan electric vehicle assembly plant in the eastern China to produce 200,000 Electric microcars and electric compact cars before end 2017.

With investment of 5 billion yuan ($753 million), the factory is due to start production before the end of 2017. The plant will have capacity to build 200,000 EVs, according to the Changzhou city government.

The factory’s first two products will be an electric microcar similar in size to the Smart followed by a compact electric family car. Further information about the two vehicles has yet to be released.

Chehejia (“Car and Home”) plans to disrupt the transportation and auto industries through complete vertical integration. It will design, research, manufacture, sell, and offer services featuring a few models of electric vehicle: a small smart car for inner city trips, and a larger electric SUV for longer crosstown journeys. But it’s much more than just a car sales company; Chehejia will also offer rental services and Uber-like on demand ride hailing.

Chehejia is backed by Li Xiang, founder of auto information website autohome.


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