China’s Domestic Automakers Dominates 96% Electric Car Market Year to Date

The Chinese EV market is headed to reach some 400,000 sales and 1.5 percent market share by end of the year with 34,000 new EVs on the road last month reaching 1.1 percent of new car sales, a 188 percent increase over the same month last year.

At this rhythm, the Chinese EV market not only would beat North America (USA + Canada + Mexico) and Europe as the top-selling market, both in volume and market share, but would also make it the largest market fleet, with nearly 700,000 units in the streets.

96% of the market belongs to domestic brands and 4% left for foreign brands, 2% belongs to Tesla, 1% to Porsche, and a remaining 1% is for the remaining automakers….

Here are the top 5 EV cars:

#1 — BYD Tang: The 500 hp “Chinese Cayenne” continues its success story in the EV market, but deliveries dropped 14% compared to the previous month, to 3,032 units due to production capacity constraints.


#2 — BYD Qin: This 300 hp PHEV sedan registered 2,756 units in July.


#3 — Zhidou D2 EV: This tiny two-seater is the sole representative in the Top 5 of a class of cheap city EV cars.


#4 — BYD Qin EV300: An all-electric offshoot of the most common plug-in in China, this 218 hp, 300 km BEV has registered 2,075 units.


#5 — SAIC Roewe e550: Shanghai-based SAIC, a plug-in hybrid version of its 550 ICE bestseller with 2,065 units delivered.


Ranking Jan – Jul 2016

Looking at the manufacturer ranking, BYD is the leader with 33% market share, but lost an additional 2% share last month, since the market has been growing faster than the Xi’an-based company.

In 2nd place we have BAIC (12%), followed by SAIC Roewe (8%, up 1%) in 3rd, which switched positions with the #4 JAC, (7%, down 1%).

The all-electric cars just continue improving their share, now at 68% (up 1% compared to last month). 1% is also how much they improved their relative ranking by the end of 2015.

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