Tesla 613km Range Battery Packs may Soon be Available to Owners

Publication Kenteken.TV via Reddit parsed through the information within the RDW database to reveal that Tesla has been granted approval on a Model S and Model X with 100 kWh battery pack P100D which will benefit current owners to increase range via update of Tesla Software limited battery packs.

It would appear that the rumored Tesla P100D with 100 kWh battery pack will finally be making its way to the Model S and Model X. That is according to a new entry discovered in the European vehicle registration database managed by Dutch authority RDW.

For context, vehicles in the European Union must be validated by an authorized ‘approving company’ before it can be sold in the EU. Tesla uses a Dutch company RDW for getting its vehicles approved. Years worth of vehicle registration and approval data is made publicly accessible through the company’s database.

By analyzing the EU Type approval code, Kenteken.TV was able to identify a new Tesla “EEG variant” beyond 90D. A new 100D with 380 miles (613 km) of range, based on European rating standards, was discovered for both the Model S and Model X.

Earlier this year, Tesla hacker Jason Hughes discovered a P100D graphic within the Model S firmware. According to Hughes, Tesla got wind of it and attempted to remotely access his vehicle to delete a pending firmware update, presumably to remove the discovery.

Elon Musk would later acknowledge the hack on Twitter by saying “Good hacking is a gift” leading many to believe that the 100 kWh battery pack was imminent.

Electric Vehicle Battery packs power are measured in kWh. These packs are sometimes referred to as “Traction Batteries” as their primary function is to power the propulsion of electric vehicles. The higher the KWh, the more power the battery packs will propel the electric vehicle in range (km) and in speed (km/h). However the higher the kWh may not necessary translate to higher range of speed as the weight of the vehicle plays a vital equation or balancing factor between achieving longer range and propulsion.

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