Pokemon Go Worsen Traffic Congestion for Metro Manila

Pokemon Go trainers hit the streets to track down lures not walking but riding or driving aggravates the traffic congestions of Manila.

A congressman has blamed Pokemon Go players for worsening the already horrendous traffic situation in Metro Manila.

In a statement on Tuesday, Albay Rep. Joey Salceda lamented the blame placed on provincial buses for the heavy vehicular traffic in the metropolis.


He said there were over 2.5 million private vehicles in Metro Manila.

Salceda said drivers playing the app tend to drive slowly so their passengers could catch the Pokemon, or Pocket Monster based on the hit anime, or stand by the Lure, or spots where several Pokemon could be caught using the app.

If you are rich enough to maintain a private car, you must be rich enough to (afford for) yourself and your kids an Android, iPad or iPhone. Multiply that by the 2.5 million cars in Metro Manila,” Salceda said.

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