Dealer Holds Event Turn Pokemon Go Players into Car Buyers

Car salesman Nick has found a way to catch Pokemon and customers at the same time.

While Nick was on the Toyota lot tracking down the fictional creatures on a Sunday afternoon in late July during the store’s first Pokemon Go event, he crossed paths with fellow players who soon became buyers. Nick couldn’t close the sale on the spot, but the rapport he built with consumers while playing the wildly popular augmented-reality game was instrumental in closing two deals in the following days.

The Toyota Dealership ended up selling three vehicles to people who attended the event. The buyers had never done business with this dealer before.

The get-together, which drew around 50 people, was so successful that this Toyota Dealership is planning another gathering on Sunday, Aug. 28. During that event, the store plans to have a tent while giving out water and Pokemon cookies.

Since its July release, Pokemon Go has sent players to random locations around their cities in quests to catch Pokemon through their smartphones. Instead of brushing off the Pokemon Go craze as another fad, Toyota Dealers are capitalizing on the hype in an effort to reach new buyers.

The dealership spent $25 to promote its Pokemon Go gathering on Facebook and Instagram. It dropped another $20 on “lures,” which are purchased in the game to attract more Pokemon to a location.

The dealership also generated interest by publicizing the event via local Pokemon Go enthusiast groups on Facebook.  – AutomotiveNews


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