“Tata Offer” Program Delivers 50 Cars to Uber Drivers

Tata Motors has delivered first 50 cars under the ‘Tata Offer’ to drivers on the Uber platform in Benguluru.

The “Tata Offer” program provides driver partners on the Uber platform a comprehensive vehicle purchase and ownership solution with a down payment of Rs 30,000 and a funding within seven to 10 days. 

Tata Motors Regional Manager Passenger Vehicle Business Unit (PVBU) Nakul Gupta said, “We are delighted to have partnered with Uber to deliver seamless solutions for drivers in Bengaluru. Reiterating our commitment to our partnership, this initiative will help solve the problems faced by drivers at the time of buying a car, by removing hurdles and making the buying process as smooth and quick as possible.”

The ‘Tata Offer’ gives opportunity to get finance from Tata Capital Financial Services and Tata Motors Finance.

Tata Motors has supplied 31 Indicas and 25 Indigos to the driver partners with a hope to enable more than 20,000 drivers on the Uber platform. Customers will also receive free accessories, GPS and insurance in this offer. – Article published on Deccan Herald


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