Ford Announce Much Awaited Model E Plans… Buyers Have to Wait Longer

Ford Motor Company has announced plans to release an all new traditional named Electric Vehicle Model-E, which Ford states will be an affordable electric car that will be able to reach 200 miles per charge. The commercialization date for this vehicle is allegedly in Spring 2019.

This Model E vehicle will be an all-out hybrid vehicle capable as either a plug-in hybrid or an all-electric model.

Although the new Model-E tops the current Ford Focus Electric, which has only been rated with a 76-mile maximum driving range between charges.

The biggest wrench in the works is the timing for Ford’s Electric vehicle in comparison to their competition. The reason behind this is that the Chevy Bolt is due to be in the showrooms later this year.

Furthermore, The Tesla Model 3 is scheduled, to begin with, production in the following year, Tesla aims to have the first vehicles rolling out of the production line by late 2017.

Although this difference in timing may not be as significant as it may sound as the development of zero-emissions vehicles are still at ground 0, as with all technologies throughout development, various beneficial features and tools will be developed through the production of new vehicles.

Ford and Tesla have already been in the ring together. This was due to the fact that Tesla wished to call its model, Model-E. The reason behind this is that the letters of the first four car models that Tesla has commercialized would be “S.E.X.Y”.

However, Ford fought back stating that they had the rights to the name Model-E due to their 108-year tradition. So now Tesla has resigned to “S.3.X.Y. The three is a graphic which is accompanied by three horizontal lines. – StocksDaily

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