Before You Cancel Your Model 3 & Order a BMW…

Here’s what Tesla will do for you – A two-year lease Program on the Model S or Model X which starts from $593 a month

Hundreds of thousands of people have pre-ordered a Tesla Model 3, which means hundreds of thousands of people are currently waiting impatiently for their next car. The two-year wait is a long time to be without new wheels, so Tesla has a new offer that should help pass the time.

For a limited time, the company will offer two-year leases on the Model S and Model X. It’s not explicitly angled at people waiting for a Model 3, but it’s a solid way for buyers who can’t wait two years to get in a Tesla for less than $600 a month.

Plans start from $593 a month, although to get that, you’ll need to put $6,000 down on a bare-bones Model S, and only drive 10,000 miles a year. For a more reasonable P75D with 15,000 miles a year, it will be a much higher $1,000 per month. Plans for the Model X run to be much more expensive, around $1,500.

Although all the attention has been grabbed by the upcoming Model 3 (and perhaps a Tesla pick-up truck), the Model S and Model X continue to be Tesla’s bread-and-butter. To transition from being a low-volume luxury car maker to pumping out hundreds of thousands of vehicles a year will be a tough ask, and part of the reason Tesla is sinking so much money into the Gigafactory in the desert.

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