Orange EV T-Series Electric Terminal Truck

The new T-Series electric terminal trucks build on the company’s initial T-Series trucks (capable of up to 24 hours of operation per charge), which have now been deployed at various sites in the manufacturing, shipping, retail distribution, warehouse, railroad inter-modal, and waste management industries.

A locked-in price, as well as production priority and Orange EV’s telematics service free of charge, can be had for those who place a $10,000 refundable deposit by year-end 2016.

The above-stated installation and remote access of Orange EV’s FIMS service, as part of the company’s Priority Program, “only” comes free of charge for the first 5 years, it should be noted. Live user training and initial usage reports come free through the program as well.

The Chief Commercial Officer for Orange EV, Mike Saxton, commented: “Even without incentive programs the total cost of ownership for Orange EV’s electric vehicles is often less than what many fleets spend to purchase and operate their diesel trucks. The incentives help fleets invest in their initial vehicles, but it’s the per truck savings of up to $60,000 annually that will drive fleet-wide adoption.”

For some further background here, Orange EV’s Fleet Information Management System (FIMS) telematics service offers users a real-time overview of truck performance. This allows operators to better quantify the value (reduced costs, emissions, etc.) of the company’s trucks, as well as to improve utilization. -EVObsession

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