350-Mile Range Electric Bus

Yesterday, American EV manufacturer Proterra debuted its Catalyst E2 series, complete with nominal range of between 194 and 350 miles, meaning it could serve almost every US mass transit route on a single charge. The company has dubbed it the first “direct replacement” for fossil-fuelled transit vehicles.

The new vehicle joins Proterra’s two other mass transit models, the Catalyst FC and XR series, designed for circulator and intermediate-mileage routes, respectively. To date, the company has sold over 300 of its vehicles to 35 different municipal, university and commercial transit agencies across North America.

Next year, Proterra will be doubling its production capacity to serve increased demand for its vehicles. “Proterra’s primary goal has always been to create a purpose-built, high-performance electric vehicle that can serve every single transit route in the United States. Today, with the unveiling of the Catalyst E2 Series, that goal has been achieved,” said Ryan Popple, CEO of Proterra in a statement.

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