Magna Steyr to build cars for Mercedes, BMW, Toyota and Jaguar Land Rover

MUNICH — Austrian contract manufacturer Magna Steyr will be producing six models for four different automakers at its plant in Graz, Austria, starting in 2018, Automobilwoche has learned.

In addition to the Mercedes G-Class, the redesigned BMW 5 Series and the BMW Z5, Toyota and Jaguar Land Rover models will also be built there.

Automobilwoche, a business and trade newspaper and affiliate of Automotive News, also reported that JLR is having an electric car and the new Land Rover Discovery built there. Toyota will tap Magna to build its new niche roadster, with the working name Supra, at the plant as well.

The Z5 and Supra are being co-developed by BMW and Toyota.

The company intends to spend about a half billion euros ($558 million) on the new projects and hire 3,000 employees. More than 200,000 cars per year will roll off Magna’s assembly lines in Graz after a slump in recent years.

Magna Steyr is also planning to build a second plant, Automobilwoche reported. It said the new Magna plant in Slovenia is primarily being constructed to relieve bottlenecks in the company’s pre-production and body shell manufacturing areas.

There has been speculation for years that Magna would build a second plant.

Magna Steyr Press Release New BMW 5 Series

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