Green Commuter Secures $750,000 Grant for Electric Car Sharing Service

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Green Commuter, the innovative clean energy company launching and managing a fleet of zero-emission vehicles, today announced it received a $750,000 grant from the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) to launch an electric car sharing service in the Tennessee city.

Later this month, Green Commuter will launch its fleet of 20 Nissan Leafs that will be parked at some 20 new charging stations at various locations in Chattanooga, which is the first mid-sized city in the United States to get an electric car sharing program.

The Transportation Authority award to Green Commuter is part of a $3 million grant from the Tennessee Valley Authority to build solar-assisted car charging stations in Chattanooga. The grant enabled Green Commuter to purchase the Nissan Leafs from a local dealer, and set up a local service and maintenance system.

The Tennessee program will utilize Green Commuter’s advanced technology and mobile phone app that enables licensed drivers with a clean driving record and a credit card to rent a car for as little as $9 an hour. The app allows commuters to find a nearby rental electric car, unlock the vehicle and start the engine.

“We are excited to have Green Commuter on our team. The grant was an important step in our ongoing efforts to be a leader for clean, affordable transportation,” said Brent Matthews, CARTA director of Parking.

“This grant continues Green Commuter’s efforts to make electric vehicles available to larger numbers of drivers at an affordable price,” said CEO Gustavo Occhiuzzo. “We look forward to helping Chattanooga become a more sustainable city by providing its residents with our clean technology innovations.”

About Green Commuter

Green Commuter has developed an innovative system that will utilize a fleet of 100% zero­emission vehicles to provide a combined service of vanpool, public car sharing and employer fleet replacement. As an entrepreneurial, socially minded and passionate group based in Los Angeles, Green Commuter’s goal is to help alleviate traffic, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and decrease the cost of commuting and mobility. Green Commuter is a minority­woman­owned small business and Benefit Corporation.

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