EasyMile Partners with Acando in Demonstrations across Norway

EasyMile, in partnership with Acando, will be showcasing the EZ10 driverless shuttles in demonstrations across several cities in Norway. A demonstration that was held in Kongsberg on the 29th of September, saw the Norwegian Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen taking a ride in the EZ10. The first demonstration took place at Youngstorget, in Oslo, on the 22nd of September 2016, and will run until the end of October.

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The aim of the demonstrations in Norway is to show that the EZ10 driverless shuttles are safe and that it is a possible mobility solution in the future of transport in Norway. These demonstrations will also help shape future traffic regulations that will enable the operation of EZ10s in Norway.

Acando is a consultancy firm working with digital transformations in public and private sector organisations. One of their focus areas is the Smart City, where Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and self-driving minibuses in the public transport environment are part of their initiatives.

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