Daimler Going Silicon Valley with New Aims

The Bloomberg reporter commented on Zetsche’s newfound Silicon Valley ‘tech-look’ — complete with jeans and sneakers.

The “interesting” new comments mentioned above were made by Zetsche in an interview with Bloomberg. EV Annex provides more: 

Zetsch  commented that, ‘We are seeing the digital world taking possession of the automotive world.’ Asked if Tesla is the key competitor in the luxury space, Zetsche responds, ‘At this point in time, obviously yes.’ He admits that based on targets five years ago, Mercedes is ‘tracking behind’ — therefore they’ve readjusted their target to be the leader in electric vehicles by 2025. He also refers to new adversaries in the autonomous driving space as ‘non-automotive competitors’ — likely a reference to the Silicon Valley companies now taking center stage as it relates to self-driving cars.” – CleanTechnica

Watch the interview and Zetsche’s comment on Daimler’s direction for the next decade:

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