Over 11,000 Visitors Participated in the 23rd ITS World Congress

11,496 Visitors. 73 Countries. ITS World Congress wraps up what’s now recognised as Victoria’s largest non-medical event.

Melbourne, Friday 14 October: After five days of technical tours, demonstrations, exhibitions, plenary sessions and executive forums, the 23rd World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems has come to a close today marking the second largest international association conference ever to be held in Melbourne.

Heralding the headline of ITS – enhancing livable cities and communities, Melbourne – the World’s Most Livable City for the 6th year running – didn’t disappoint, playing host to just shy of 11,500 delegates from over 70 countries, who discussed public policy, innovation, technology and advancements in the transport technology space.

Coming together to look for solutions for a rapidly increasing population, and the technology advancements required to support it, Brian Negus, Chair of the World Congress Board of Directors and President of ITS Australia says he is immensely proud of the attendance and the outcomes of the 23rd World Congress, which was hosted in Australia for the first time in more than a decade.


“We’re absolutely delighted that over 11,400 delegates from around the world have attended the World Congress – particularly as we had hoped for 7,000.”

“ITS is a vastly diverse industry, so it was fantastic to have 73 countries represented and to see so many new products, new partnerships and world first innovations announced during the week. This was in addition to the myriad of world first demonstrations using the newest technology platforms,” Mr Negus says.

“Not only are we hugely impressed and appreciative of the effort all our delegates, exhibitors and visitors made, we are confident they will walk away with great ideas for their businesses, and for governments to implement new ideas and innovative solutions to deliver better mobility and sustainability in their home country.”

As well as a focus on the advancements already being made in the industry, ITS Australia was proud to showcase the emerging talent within the transport and technology sector – many of whom are based here in Melbourne.

Susan Harris, CEO of ITS Australia has been instrumental in developing bespoke programs based on school and university level students, interested in ITS solutions.

“ITS Australia has an acute interest in the future of our industry – so it is imperative that we are engaging our youth to lead the charge.”

“To support this, ITS Australia established a series of programs designed to champion the industry’s future innovators and foster their growth in our industry. These programs have run over the past 18 months and culminated at the Congress this week, ranging from schools based innovation challenges, to a Hackathon and student essay competition as part of the newly formed Future Innovators Club,” Ms Harris says.

Whether the focus is on the existing technologist or the future of the industry, ITS Australia says it has never seen more enthusiasm, innovation or drive from a group of people – all committed to the enhancement of livable cities and communities.

“Our organization is committed to ensuring we continue to engage our member companies, researchers, and government agencies in picking up the ideas from this World Congress and progressing them into their businesses to improve the livability of their communities,” says Mr Negus.

“From what has been demonstrated in Melbourne this week, we have absolutely no doubt that ITS solutions are revolutionizing the way we live our lives and will continue to be a leading force in the development of new technology and policy for decades to come.”

“We are immensely grateful for everyone’s attendance, attention and involvement in the 23rd World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, and thank Melbourne for delivering on its promise of being the World’s Most Livable City for our 11,496 visitors!”



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