Arro Wins Contract for a Citywide Taxicab Ride-Hailing App

ARRO ride-hailing app provides a Convenient, Affordable and Safe Way to Hire and Pay For a Ride

HOUSTON, Oct. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The City of Houston has finalized its contract with Arro, the highly rated e-hail app that successfully launched in New York City last year, making it the universal transportation app for Houston’s for-hire vehicles. Arro, a New York City-based technology start-up incubated by the CMT Group, is dedicated to helping transform the transportation industry through consumer products and services, and offers a national e-hail app specifically for fleets and passengers.

Arro, after bidding on and winning a City RFP for a citywide dispatch app for Houston’s for-hire vehicles, has signed a contract with the City of Houston and will provide e-hail and app-based payment services to 2,500 taxis and other for-hire transportation services throughout Houston. This will enhance travel options for visitors and residents to Houston who will now have a more convenient, affordable and safer way to hire a vehicle.

Arro will be able to operate immediately in 900 taxis that are running Creative Mobile Technologies’ taxi equipment throughout the City of Houston. Expansion to the rest of the City’s taxi fleet will take place in the near-term as Arro trains drivers and fleets in using the app.   

“We are very excited to bring Arro’s consumer and driver friendly apps to the people of Houston” said Mike Epley, founder of Arro. “Our highly lauded app has already enjoyed great success in New York City, Chicago and Boston receiving praise for the shortest wait times in New York City.”  

The app will link drivers to rides more efficiently while offering a potential boost to drivers’ incomes. Passengers will be able to shorten wait times and connect with rides more seamlessly. The Wall Street Journal reported that in New York City Arro bested its competition, especially on arrival times.

With the Super Bowl only months away, Arro’s presence is a significant step toward enhancing robust transportation options throughout Houston.

Arro is also planning to work with Houston’s limousine fleets to provide e-hail capability in the City’s 2,500 limos.

In addition, the Arro platform offers support for wheelchair-accessible rides. The company also plans to introduce new mobility and pricing options in the near future to give consumers more freedom of choice.

Following its September 2015 rollout in roughly 8,500 New York City taxicabs, Arro has quickly gained acceptance and momentum among drivers and riders alike, and has recently expanded to Chicago, San Francisco, Miami and Boston with more cities on the horizon.

How does it work?
Riders can download the app for free on Google Play
TM and the Apple App Store®. When a rider taps a button in the app, a nearby available driver is sent the pickup address and the first name of the rider. The driver then confirms the pickup. The rider is given the vehicle identification and sees the vehicle approaching on a map. Riders store their credit card information securely in the app, allowing them to pay the metered fare—plus tip—automatically at the end of the trip. Those who catch a ride the old-fashioned way can still pay through the Arro app once inside the vehicle.

About Arro, Inc.
Arro Inc. is a mobile app startup company dedicated to helping transform the transportation industry through consumer products and services.  The Arro smartphone booking app helps bring consumers seeking transportation together with existing professional transportation organizations and drivers that are regulated by local authorities.

About CMT Group
CMT Group currently serves transportation verticals in 150 cities worldwide, with equipment deployed in over 50,000 taxis across the globe, including more than 8,000 units in New York City alone.  Founded in New York City in 2005 by taxi industry leaders, CMT Group provides a full suite of technologies and enhancements, including card payment processing, e-hailing, media and advertising content, text messaging, interactive passenger maps, GPS, electronic trip sheets, and back-office fleet management systems. Arro, an app available on Android
TM and iOS that lets users order vehicles across the largest United States markets (including New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami and Boston), is a New York City-based technology start-up that is incubated by CMT Group and is able to send trip requests of passengers directly to drivers through the equipment already in for-hire vehicles.

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