RYDE a New Ride-Sharing & Taxi-Hailing App

NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The ride-sharing & taxi-hailing market is a crowded one and it already has its big players in firms like Uber and Lyft. New entrants to the market need to be doing something extra to stand out and that’s just what RYDE Technologies, Inc. a U.S. based Corporation does with its first app RYDE.

Currently RYDE Technologies, Inc. is launching its revamped app RYDE. You can sign up for early access on their website www.ryde.at or www.rydetaxi.com.

Four bold and lowercase letters stand for, RYDE a ride hailing app, for iOS & Android, that connects users with existing taxi fleets and vehicle fleets of independent professional drivers, rather than developing teams of average drivers itself. Just like Lyft or Uber, RYDE lets users order a ride and then track it as it gets closer to them, rate the ride and pay conveniently per credit card. Though, the logo appears as a reminisce of the app “vine” with the amusing admiration of tinder.

In RYDE´s case, it’s a traditional taxi or black car from an existing fleet rather than a private vehicle. The app helps to connect outdated infrastructures of existing fleets with the fast moving marketplace and cashless payments. Especially for smaller fleets or single service provider RYDE offers low rates and a strong brand image.

RYDE Technologies, Inc. based in DE, United States of America, was launched in 2015 in the U.S., then incorporated in 2016. The company is planning on expanding its business in 2017, to emerging markets like Latin America. The firm markets itself more as a mobile platform for existing service providers (taxis & black cars) with valid transportation license issued by the government, rather than just another ride-hailing app.

With compliance at its core RYDE Technologies, Inc. is in for the long haul and organic growth. The vision is to provide services to allow individuals as well as communities to connect, interact and communicate with each other by sensory means, hence harnessing the power of technology to improve lives and make the world a better place.

After long negotiations, starting in 2014, RYDE Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce its partnership for R&D with Multi Brains, LLC in Europe. Multi Brains strong background in the on-demand app economy, helps Ryde Technologies to enhance their global positioning, grow and expand their business without the fear of missing out on trends and major shifts.

For the future RYDE Technologies, Inc. builds with the app a cloud-based platform to replace regular taximeters in developing city’s, offering full transparency for travelers and tourist, this sets them apart.

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