Leading Bus Company Offers Driverless Electric Shuttle Service

PostBus, the leading bus company in Switzerland’s public transport network, is offering residents and visitors alike the chance to travel around the town centre in two NAVYA ARMA driverless shuttles since June 2016.

The end of 2015 saw POSTBUS, Switzerland’s public transport company, announce the acquisition of two NAVYA ARMA shuttles. The first phase of testing on these driverless and electric vehicles has been successfully carried out on a private site but since the 23rd June, residents and visitors to the town of Sion are now able to actually get around using two NAVYA ARMA shuttles.


Federal authorities have given the go-ahead for this type of testing meaning that PostBus will be the first operator to test a public passenger transport service using autonomous shuttles in an urban area. NAVYA and PostBus have been working together for more than a year to introduce an innovative and intelligent form of transport and June 2016 is an important milestone in this development.

PostBus wishes to consolidate its position as a market leader in this sector by buying more vehicles in the future that will enable them to meet rental demands and short and long-term roll-outs.

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