Asia’s First Self-Driving Tech Summit to be held in Singapore

Next February, the leading minds and stakeholders in the rise of autonomous vehicles will gather for the 1st Annual Autonomous Vehicles Asia Summit in Singapore. On the agenda are three days of high-level discourse and debates on how to make driver-less cars on roads worldwide a reality — as quickly as possible.

The inaugural summit, themed Strategies and Regulatory Roadmap for Implementing Autonomous Vehicles in Asia, will be a landmark meeting point for relevant players worldwide to come together and share with each other knowledge, insight and expertise on the next wave of revolution in global transport.

With 10 million autonomous vehicles expected to be on roads worldwide by 2020, preparing for those vehicles will be a massive puzzle to unravel. The regulation, infrastructure and public acceptance in place quickly will be crucial for the driver-less global market, tipped to be worth $42 billion by 2025.

Asia is now in the spotlight, coming to the fore as a rising testing ground for pilot projects of autonomous vehicles. It is timely then to have key stakeholders from the world over to gather here and discuss how to regulate and implement driver-less vehicles, how to tackle potential technical issues and share invaluable case studies to learn from.

Why you should not miss the 1st Annual Autonomous Vehicles Asia Summit:

  1. It is a unique opportunity to tap into a rare gathering of industry-leading players as the summit is the only regional event where the top minds of autonomous vehicles from around the region come together to pool their collective knowledge.
  2. Catch a demonstration of how SMRT Services Pte Ltd’s autonomous bus service, which is an unusual application of autonomous vehicle technology to public forms of transportation as opposed to private-vehicle trials in many other places worldwide.
  3. Get first-hand insight on where the industry stands in terms of infrastructure readiness and what lies ahead in preparing a sufficient regulatory framework to manage driver-less vehicles.
  4. Join a high-level discourse on how to ensure the safety and reliability of autonomous vehicles, with close access to the latest case studies on its implementation and how concerns from society may be addressed to pave the way for public acceptance of driver-less vehicles.
  5. Get an insider’s perspective on where the opportunities are as autonomous vehicles slowly become a reality, with a first-hand look at what commercial opportunities are emerging and how to capture them early and quickly.

Target participants

  1. Government and regulatory officials, public transport and ride-sharing companies.
  2. Original equipment manufacturers, autonomous vehicle start-ups and other technology providers.
  3. Legal and insurance companies, risk management consultants and research institutes.


Organised by the International Quality & Productivity Center, the inaugural summit will be an annual gathering of the foremost minds and experts in the autonomous vehicle space. The summit will pool the collective know-how, ideas and experiences, a culmination that will, in turn, excite, disrupt and inspire. Be part of the summit and join the drive forward into the future of autonomous vehicles.

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