BYD tops Global Electric Vehicle Sales Charts in 2016

The Shenzhen based new energy technology company BYD has become the highest selling manufacturer of new energy vehicles in 2016 for the second consecutive year. According to figures compiled by EV Sales, a website that tracks the global market for new energy vehicles, BYD’s global sales of 100183 units represented a 70 percent increase from the previous year.

BYD tops Global Electric Vehicle Sales Charts in 2016 global trend

New Energy Vehicle market share vs Global vehicle population

Worldwide new energy vehicle sales in 2016 were  773600 units,  42% higher than for 2015. These include all global Battery Electric Vehicle and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle passenger cars sales, light trucks in USA/Canada and light commercial vehicle in Europe.

BYD Tang a powerful hybrid electric SUV first unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show in 2014 was the third best -selling model around the world, followed by the BYD Qin and BYD e6 which clinched the ninth and 10th place respectively.

“These results are very encouraging for us as we have invested heavily in researching and developing new energy technology for cars, buses and monorails among others,” said BYD’s Li Yunfei, Deputy General Manager of Branding and PR Division. “We believe new energy is one way we can deal with climate change and that is why we want to use our ‘Cool the Earth by 1 Degree’ campaign to increase public awareness of climate change and the many ways renewable energy can be generated, stored and used.”

Data tallied by EV Sales shows Chinese manufacturers of new energy vehicles are making advancements overseas while continuing to grow in-country.

BYD tops Global Electric Vehicle Sales Charts in 2016 China

Separately BYD was also ranked by China’s Highway and Transportation Society as last year’s top provider of electric buses that are longer than 10 meters.



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