Top 5 Countries of Electric Bikes and Bike-Sharing

top 5 countries electric bikes and bike sharing ofo

global transportation survey conducted by Dalia Research, 14% of Chinese have used a bike-sharing services in the last year compared to the global average of 8%. The percent is even higher in Hong Kong at 21%. China also boasts the highest share of electric bike users (13% have used an electric bike in the past month compared to a global average of 2%). In China, more people have used an electric bike in the last month (13%) than a traditional bike (11%).


Top 5 countries of electric bikes users China Vietnam Netherlands

Around the world, there is a growing demand for electric-bikes — Due to the increasing complaints about the transportation and pollution in major cities like Beijing. Based on Dalia Research’s global transportation survey, 37% of Chinese cite bad air quality as a problem with their transportation system and another 48% say wasting time in traffic is an issue. With urban air pollution rising, according to a recent World Health Organization report, electric-bike use could be a way to mitigate these issues.

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Countries in the Southeast Asia region are driving sustainable urban mobility initiatives to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases emission. Taking the lead is Singapore, now home to China’s biggest bike-sharing service providers ofo and Mobike. The bike-sharing companies’ expansion to Singapore comes ahead of the city’s national bike-sharing scheme, which is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of this year with over 2,000 bicycles distributed in specific neighbourhoods. That milestone sets a shining example to the region, including for Malaysia’s LinkBike in Penang, the first bike-sharing service initiated by Penang Island City Council.


top 5 countries of bike sharing services Hong Kong Poland China UAE

To explore more transportation facts and figures, visit the interactive dashboard How the World Moves.


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