Visionaries Join Michelin at Movin’On, the Global Summit for Sustainable Mobility

Visionaries Join Michelin at Movin'On 2017, the Global Summit for Sustainable Mobility

This June, the leading minds and stakeholders in the rise of sustainable transportation will gather for the Global Summit for Action in Sustainable Mobility in Montreal, Canada.

Movin’On 2017

Presented by Michelin in association with C2, Movin’On is the international summit for action in sustainable mobility. This summit will bring together experts and visionaries from a broad cross section of stakeholders in transportation, including automotive, rail, air, truck, bus, bicycle, shipping, academia, government, NGOs and non-profit organizations for break-through innovation workshops and collaborative sessions that aim to drive actions to address mobility challenges for growing urban areas.

The symposium experience will feature inspiring keynote presentations, hands-on collaborative sessions, networking opportunities and technology exhibitions. Movin’On will also host collaborative workshops, master classes and labs that feature cutting-edge innovation and disruptive technology. Instead of a traditional exhibit hall, Movin’On will feature an Innovation Center and “Village Start-Up,” a forum where dozens of start-up companies will present concepts for the future of mobility.

MOVIN'ON 2017 Canada will be the 13th edition of the global sustainable mobility summit

Canada is now in the spotlight with the recent Budget 2017 fund allocation of $21.9 Billion towards sustainable mobility and green initiatives. It is timely then to have key stakeholders from the world over to gather here and discuss how to regulate and implement sustainable mobility, how to drive action, address mobility issues and share invaluable case studies to learn from.

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Themes of the 2017 Edition

  • The changes under way in passenger and goods transport
  • The quest for energy efficiency and safety
  • Making the most of digital technology and artificial intelligence
  • Suitable financial and regulatory tools
  • The circular economy
  • Long shots


Industry-Leading Speakers Lineup

Speakers for Movin’On 2017 include:

  • The Honorable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport (Canada).
  • Shigemoto Kajihara, Vice Minister for Global Environmental Affairs, Ministry of the Environment (Japan).
  • Bertrand Piccard, Initiator and Pilot, Solar Impulse.
  • Jean-Dominique Senard, CEO, Michelin Group.
  • Jean Todt, President, Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and Special Envoy for Road Safety, United Nations.
  • Jun Yu, General Manager, GAC Group.

Movin’On presenters will also feature:

  • Patrick Bass, CEO, ThyssenKrupp North America
  • Barry Einsig, Global Automotive and Transportation Executive, Cisco Systems
  • Ursula Mathar, Head of Sustainability and Environmental Protection, BMW Group
  • Grégoire Olivier, Director of Mobility Services, PSA Group
  • Franck Rinderknecht, CEO, Rinspeed
  • Alexendre Taillefer, Associate Principal, XPND Capital
  • José Viegas, Secretary General, International Transport Forum (ITF) at OECD

Details for additional speakers available here


Experience the Latest Vehicles & Techs

Movin’On attendees can experience the latest vehicles and technologies ― some never seen before ― from leading innovators in mobility:

  • Tesla will demonstrate its latest fully autonomous vehicles.
  • BMW will unveil two new models in its Mini Cooper line.
  • Solar Impulse 2: see the mock-up of the solar aircraft that completed a 25,000-mile trip around the world.
  • Roborace: see the first driverless fully electric race car that will compete in this new motorsports series.
  • Proterra: see the zero-emission electric bus that will revolutionize urban transit fleets.
  • Lito Green Motion: experience the luxury design and power of the new Sora electric bike.

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Movin’On will assemble a diverse and open ecosystem of partners in sustainable mobility, including:


Movin’On, presented by Michelin in association with C2, continues the 20-year tradition established by Michelin Challenge Bibendum as the world’s premiere and longest-running forum for sustainable mobility.

Announced in December 2016, Movin’On 2017 in Montreal will draw approx 3,000 participants from 35 countries to engage in a range of dynamic forums, including an exhilarating 360-degree technological platform for plenary sessions and other experiential presentations.

Movin’On 2017 will be held at the Arsenal in Montreal, Quebec, June 13-15.

Partnerships for Movin’On are available for select Michelin collaborators and key innovators in the transportation industry. See for more information.

Movin’On is also open to the general public to attend. For tickets or more information, please see

For pricing information and to register see

SOURCE  Michelin Canada

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