Canada’s Automated Vehicles Conference 2017: Planning the Next Disruptive Technology

Canada Automated Vehicles Conference 2017 Planning the Next autonomous vehicle Technology

Automated vehicles or driverless cars — are poised to change the ways in which people and goods are moved. How can we leverage this technology to help create the kinds of cities we want to live and work in?

The Minister of Transport, Transport Canada Marc Garneau, will join industry experts from Canada and abroad to share their insights on how to proactively manage the transition to a transportation sector that includes automated vehicles.


The Whats and Hows to regulate and implement AVs

Questions to be explored at the Automated Vehicles 2017 include:

  • What is the role of AVs in creating sustainable and complete communities?
  • What policy actions are needed at all levels of government?
  • How can we maintain the priority for active transportation in the face of on-demand, driverless mobility services?
  • How do we build a shared and clean mobility system?
  • What are the opportunities for AVs to support social inclusion?
  • What is the future of public transit?
  • What is our workforce transition management plan?
  • What are the implications for infrastructure planning?

When: April 19-20, 2017

Where: Sheraton Centre, 123 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario

Who: Speakers include:

  • The Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, Transport Canada
  • Jennifer Keesmaat, Chief Planner and Executive Director, Planning, City of Toronto
  • Grant Courville, Senior Director, Product Management, BlackBerry
  • Dave Jaworsky, Mayor, City of Waterloo
  • Daniel B Mathieson, Mayor, City of Stratford
  • Raphaël Gindrat, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, BestMile
  • Lisa Salsberg, Director of Regional Planning, Metrolinx
  • Will Baumgardner, Leader, Transport & Mobility, ARUP

This conference is sponsored by ARUP, CAA, CAVCOE, the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE), and Pacific West Transportation Limited.

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SOURCE Conference Board of Canada


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