OSVehicle Launches the World’s First Modular Self-Driving Electric Car ‘EDIT’

OSVehicle Launches the World first Modular Self-Driving Electric Car 'EDIT'

From OSVehicle:

OSVehicle ‘EDIT’

Since our debut at Y Combinator (W16) in Silicon Valley, we’ve had ongoing and constant conversations with thousands of people around the World, excited to learn more about TABBY EVO.
Despite its simplicity, TABBY started a revolution, empowering entrepreneurs to start their own companies, brands and EVs, but most wanted more. So in 2016, we started working on a new project in stealth mode, crunching all the data and feedback we received. We proudly present you with ‘EDIT’, a data-driven project, based on all the feedback we received from our community.
We realized that many companies and startups want to enter the New Mobility industry to provide solutions that big car manufacturers cannot, but…

  1. For most the time to market is too long (even once we reduced it in half with TABBY EVO).
  2. The investments of some millions of USD is not feasible for many companies.
  3. Customizing the vehicle is a necessity, not only for branding but also for specific features for services and advanced ones like connected car and self-driving.
  4. Services are growing, but most transportation-related services are struggling to be sustainable financially and environmentally because they employ traditional vehicles, vehicles not designed and engineered for their specific services, that often under heavy usage breaks in less than 2 years.
  5. Self-Driving startups are struggling with reverse engineering and to cost-effectively integrate the newest technology into the closed design of cars already in the market.

‘EDIT’ provides a solution to all of these problems.

How are we doing it?

We went back to Europe, talking to our friends and partners who are working for the biggest auto OEM for decades, thinking how to make a future-proof car from your precious feedbacks.
And here it is… please say hello to ‘EDIT’


“We see the potential of a unified modular vehicle for the future of mobility as a service, that will allow car fleets last 10X longer under heavy usage conditions like car and ride sharing and enable hardware upgrade of self-driving, connected car technologies seamlessly.” Tin Hang & Yuki Liu, CEO & COO, OSVehicle Inc.

To learn more about ‘EDIT’, please visit OSVehicle’s website.


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