GenZe and Postmates Join Forces to Build Electric Vehicle Delivery Fleet

GenZe and Postmates Join Forces to Build Electric Vehicle Delivery Fleet electric bike scooter logistics electric urban mobility

GenZe Pioneers Electric Fleet Scooters and Bikes, Providing Delivery, Rental, and Urban Logistics Solutions.

July 17, 2017 10:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Sustainable Urban Logistics

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, at the FIA Formula E electric vehicle racing event,  NYC ePrix, Silicon Valley-based GenZe and innovative community logistics platform Postmates announced a groundbreaking partnership to bring zero-emission transportation solutions to New York City and San Francisco..

Particularly in dense, urban populations, the ability to get around traffic, park, or get across town efficiently makes the difference in earnings generated, delivery times for a customer, and the sales rates for merchants. With an initial deployment of the GenZe 2.0e model e-Scooter and e-Bike in two of the country’s largest delivery markets, Postmates plans to expand the partnership to additional locations in its more than 200-city network over the next year – offering couriers a cost-effective way to take up even more orders and enabling customers to realize faster delivery times.

“We know our network of hard-working Postmates are also students, parents, and teachers who lead busy lives,” said Vivek Patel, vice president of business operations at Postmates. “By simply making a handful of deliveries a week, each of them will now be able to retain new vehicle solutions for unlimited use in their personal lives, while connecting orders to our customers even faster and earning even more when they’re on the platform. And by recognizing a responsibility to take steps to safeguard our planet, these environmentally-friendly transportation options offer a sustainable and clean-energy business solution to minimize our carbon footprint.”


GenZe-Scoot-Postmates Partnership

While today’s announcement follows GenZe’s long partnership with SF-based Scoot Networks, the nation’s largest electric scooter shared vehicle operator, based in San Francisco – the partnership with Postmates marks a new era of On-Demand platforms enabling their networks to connect communities to new products and experiences, while avoiding traffic and gas stations.

GenZe Chief Marketing Officer Tom Valasek said, “The GenZe 2.0e boasts an easily-removable/lockable battery, an electronic locking center stand and large secure ‘back bay’ cargo compartment. Uniquely, it has a connected telematics CANBus system that can feed GPS and data from 120 vehicle sensors through an API to third-party apps. From anywhere, users can see battery level, performance, be alerted if it is moved, track location, and even disable it remotely if there is unauthorized use.”

“We designed our e-Scooters and e-Bikes to provide consumers with a zero-emission, convenient and safe solution to traffic gridlock,” said Valasek. “However, enterprising delivery businesses, college campuses, government transportation directors, tourism companies, private rental fleet operators and corporations have realized the unique benefits GenZe can provide to their organizations.”

GenZe and Postmates executives highlighted the technology and partnership at a press meeting following the NYC ePRIX race – a Formula One-like event held on New York City public streets, exclusively featuring electric vehicles.


About GenZe

GenZe manufactures and assembles in Ann Arbor, Michigan with corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley. GenZe is committed to providing personal transportation through e-Bikes and e-Scooters loaded with smart, connected technology and powered by sustainable, zero-emissions electric energy. GenZe has a simple motto: “Two Wheels. One Planet. Zero Emissions.” For more information, including product details and more about how GenZe electric scooters and bikes are offering practical solutions for fleet operators, visit

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About Postmates

Postmates, headquartered in San Francisco, California – and operating in 200 cities across the United States – is an innovative, on-demand logistics platform, transforming the way goods move around towns. By connecting customers and merchant businesses to a national network of deliverers known as “Postmates”, the company has facilitated the delivery of more than $1B in goods and merchandise across its platform. Founded in 2011 by Bastian Lehmann, Sean Plaice and Sam Street, the company is generating new heights of commerce and sales for small business owners; increasing the productivity of customers looking to juggle their ever-busy schedules; and building new bridges within vast metropolitan areas by connecting the offerings of one neighborhood with another. For more information, please visit


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