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Unmanned systems in World War 1 and 2Military drones have recently been hailed as a revolutionary new technology that will forever change the conduct of war. And yet the United States and other countries have been deploying such unmanned military systems for more than a century. Written by a renowned authority in the field, this book documents the forgotten legacy of these pioneering efforts, offering the first comprehensive historical and technical accounting of unmanned air, land, sea, and underwater systems.

Driverless: Intelligent Cars and the Road AheadThis book provides a jargon-free overview of the disruptive technologies that enable driverless cars, in particular, Deep Learning, an emerging form of artificial intelligence. Although the technology is nearly ready, car companies and policy makers may not be. The authors shed light on the opportunities and risks posed by self-driving vehicles, and make a compelling case for why their development should be our society’s next concerted “Apollo moment.” Driverless is a comprehensive and entertaining exploration of self-driving cars.

Future Ride: 80 Ways the Self-Driving, Autonomous Car Will Change Everything from Buying Groceries to Teen Romance to Surving a Hurricane to TurningThe future of transportation is coming faster than ever. Cars that drive themselves are already on the road giving rides to people all day long. When they become widespread, every part of society will change as everyone can enjoy the pleasure of their own chauffeur. The transformation of society will be one of the greatest ever, redefining how we think about our cities, our homes, and our daily lives. Adults will have more time, children will have more freedom, and everyone will be able to accomplish more while letting the robots handle the chore of maneuvering the cars.

2030 The Driverless World: Business Transformation from Autonomous Vehicles“2030 The Driverless World” is a business book, with a time traveler narrative about how to get from 2017 to the Driverless World of 2030 where human drivers share the road with autonomous vehicles, and jay-walking pedestrians. “Sudha takes us with her on a ride to the not so distant future of 2030 where auto AI is the new normal. Tapping her expertise in cognitive IoT, Sudha shares how driverless cars will communicate both with us and with our smart city infrastructure, providing the GPS for the transformation of passenger vehicles, semi trucks, and urban mobility”.- Ken Herron CMO Unified Inbox LLC.

Experience from the DARPA Urban Challenge provides details of the types of systems, software and processes that were used to develop the complex unmanned vehicles that participated in the DARPA Urban Challenge. The vehicle developers explain how autonomous vehicle software in this race was designed and implemented. The chapters range from system and software architecture, navigation, path planning, steering, perception, engineering autonomous systems, and testing and performance evaluation.

This important text/reference presents state-of-the-art research on intelligent vehicles, covering not only topics of object/obstacle detection and recognition, but also aspects of vehicle motion control. With an emphasis on both high-level concepts, and practical detail, the text links theory, algorithms, and issues of hardware and software implementation in intelligent vehicle research. Topics and features: presents a thorough introduction to the development and latest progress in intelligent vehicle research, and proposes a basic framework; provides detection and tracking algorithms for structured and unstructured roads, as well as on-road vehicle detection and tracking algorithms using boosted Gabor features; Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles




Green Commuting | Sustainable Personal Mobility

How cycling can save the world Car culture has ensnared much of the world—and it’s no wonder. Convenience and comfort (as well as some clever lobbying) have made the car the transportation method of choice for generations. But as the world evolves, the high cost of the automobile is made clearer—with its dramatic effects on pollution, the way it cuts people off from their communities, and the alarming rate at which people are injured and killed in crashes. Walker argues that the simplest way to tackle many of these problems at once is with one of humankind’s most perfect inventions—the bicycle.

How to create your urban bike Whether you live in an urban environment or not, the Cody-isms and ticklish caricatures done by artist Linda Cowen are sure to inform and inspire readers of all ages and biking experience.This book will show you how to shop for, buy and set up a great Urban bike to fit YOUR budget and needs. Whether you want to go all out and ditch the car completely or just add a bicycle to your transportation choices, The Urban Bike will show you the way!

In Bike Boom, journalist Carlton Reid uses history to shine a spotlight on the present and demonstrates how bicycling has the potential to grow even further, if the right measures are put in place by the politicians and planners of today and tomorrow. He explores the benefits and challenges of cycling, the roles of infrastructure and advocacy, and what we can learn from cities that have successfully supported and encouraged bike booms, including London; Davis, California; Montreal; Stevenage; Amsterdam; New York; and Copenhagen.

Biking to work can save someone loads of money and lots of calories – all the while, the earth, too. But bike-commuting isn’t always easy – there are many things a rider needs to know to get to work on time, safely, and happily. Expert bikers Roni Sarig and Paul Dorn teach potential bikers the tips and tricks to traveling to and from work.






Electric Vehicle | Last Mile Connectivity


Electric Rickshaw Revolution in India

Electric Rickshaw Revolution in India. A small blue-print to make the life of commuters easy. Last mile connectivity.

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