What do we do

At Motion Digest, we believe that cities can be more than just places to live – they can be communities that thrive. That’s why we’re working with city governments and stakeholders to improve the liveability index in cities by promoting infrastructure and facilities that encourage communities to walk, cycle, and ride.

Our goal is simple: to create more livable, sustainable, and healthy communities. To achieve this, we offer a range of services and initiatives that help communities transition to more active and sustainable modes of transportation.

Through our consulting services, we provide inputs to city governments and other stakeholders on how to create more walkable, bikeable, and transit-friendly communities. We work with them to develop policies and infrastructure that encourage active transportation and promote sustainable mobility. Our team of experts draws on the latest research and analysis to provide practical, data-driven advice.

We also work with the relevant agencies and authorities to conduct research and analysis on best practices for active transportation infrastructure and policies. This helps us stay at the forefront of new trends and innovations in the field, and allows us to share this information with our partners and stakeholders.

At Motion Digest, we understand that advocacy is key to creating lasting change. That’s why we advocate for policies and infrastructure improvements that encourage active transportation at the local, regional, and national levels. We work closely with advocacy groups, participate in public hearings, and engage with elected officials and policymakers to ensure that active transportation is given the attention it deserves.

Education and outreach are also important aspects of our work. We assist local communities, NGOs and organizations to organize workshops, public events, and educational materials to help communities understand the benefits of active transportation and how to safely and effectively use active transportation infrastructure.

Finally, we believe that networking and collaboration are critical to creating meaningful change. We create opportunities for stakeholders to network and collaborate on initiatives that promote active transportation. Through our workshops, conferences, and online platforms, we facilitate partnerships and collaborations between stakeholders and encourage knowledge-sharing and best practices.

Motiondigest.com is committed to creating livable, sustainable, and healthy communities through active transportation. Join us in our mission to make cities more livable and sustainable for all.