What do we do

At Motion Digest Network, we envision cities as thriving communities, not just living spaces. Our mission is to enhance urban liveability across Southeast Asia by collaborating with city governments and stakeholders. We focus on developing infrastructure and policies that encourage walking, cycling, and public transit, aiming to create more livable, sustainable, and healthy communities.

Our approach is multifaceted. We offer consulting services to guide city governments in creating more walkable, bikeable, and transit-friendly environments. Our team of experts leverages the latest research to provide practical, data-driven advice, helping to shape policies and infrastructure that promote active transportation.

Research and analysis are at the heart of our work. We collaborate with agencies and authorities to stay abreast of best practices in active transportation infrastructure and policies. This commitment to innovation and knowledge-sharing positions us at the forefront of sustainable mobility trends.

Advocacy is a cornerstone of our strategy. We champion policies and infrastructure improvements at local, regional, and national levels, working closely with advocacy groups, participating in public hearings, and engaging with policymakers to prioritize active transportation.

Education and outreach are also vital. We support local communities, NGOs, and organizations in organizing workshops and events, and in developing educational materials. These initiatives aim to raise awareness about the benefits of active transportation and its safe, effective use.

Finally, we believe in the power of networking and collaboration. Through workshops, conferences, and online platforms, we foster partnerships and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders, catalyzing initiatives that promote active transportation.

Join us at Motion Digest Network in our mission to transform cities into more livable, sustainable, and vibrant communities, where active transportation is a way of life.