DYU Electric Smart Bike Starts Singapore Operation Center

DYU Electric Smart Bike Starts Singapore Operation Center car lite free sustainable urban mobility personal device

Photo: DYU bike group ride in the recent car-free Sunday at The Central Business District, SIngapore. Photo credit: F-Wheel

SINGAPORE, June 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — F-wheel subsidiary brand DYU Smart Bike formally stationed in Singapore on 10th June 2018, marking the official establishment of the first overseas operation center of DYU in Southeast Asia. Over 100 local electric bike riders supported the center foundation by joining the group riding.

F-wheel CEO Li Wei and the DYU co-founder Li Xiaojian, attended the Operation Center opening ceremony. CEO Li Wei delivered a speech to express that F-wheel will take the opportunity of the establishment to help DYU ebike to expand in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries. DYU will continue to increase the investment of R & D core technologies for intelligent electric vehicles, keep cultivating the international market and base itself on China’sgreat manufacturing ability to grow the global market share.

Singapore ipassion Group Pte Ltd CEO Ryan and F-wheel & DYU founder signed the collaboration agreement, announcing the establishment of Singapore operation center. DYU ebike leads the Singapore private short trip tool market already before the establishment, therefore, over 100 DYU bike fans come and join the ceremony.

The DYU bike is the high-end brand of F-wheel. Its goal is to create an electric bike for the users to ride easily and freely, and enjoy riding. It has not only a super cool appearance, but also an optional baby seat. The weight is only 12KG, and the girl can lift it with one hand. The light body only needs to be folded at one time. It can be put into the trunk of the car so that it saves the space. It can be brought into the subway and elevator, meeting all the needs of a user’s commuting, and providing a perfect choice for the user’s daily trip.

DYU Electric Smart Bike Starts Singapore Operation Center model DYU SMart Bike D1 D2 A1 sustainable car lite personal urban mobility device

CEO Li Wei said, Singapore Operation Center of both companies in China and Singapore will promote the DYU brand better in Singapore to boost its international popularity.

To celebrate the foundation of the center, a DYU club ride was held, and over 100 electric vehicle enthusiasts were invited. Many of them are local riding enthusiasts came for the curiosity of the new smart electric bike, getting the trials of the convenient DYU technology. Some parents brought their children to have their parent-children ride, and they praised the DYU is safe and practical for traveling with the baby.

SOURCE F-wheel

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