virtual Malaysia Urban Forum 2020 Highlight

Urban Resilience and Low Carbon Special Session 

For two days starting on the 28th  September, 2020, Kuala Lumpur will host the first hybrid national urban forum, which combines an interactive virtual platform and physical discussion for all stakeholders to “zoom”, participate, discuss, share insights and solutions to address the many challenges of Malaysia’s urbanization. 

Sustainable Urban Nation 2030 

The theme for this year’s conference is “Sustainable Urban Nation 2030 – The transformative pathway and actions to deliver the sustainable agenda”. vMUF20 will provide a detailed overview of the world of cities with a broad perspective of 5 sub-themes, they are: 

  • Inclusive urbanization 
  • Innovation and Technology for sustainability 
  • Urban resilience and low carbon 
  • Creative cities 
  • Financing sustainability 

Highlight: Urban Resilience and Low Carbon 

With 53% of the world’s population living in urban areas, cities have become the source of many problems. Densely populated areas, urban sprawling, inefficient transportation network and infrastructure have made these cities as a main contributing factor to climate issues, with its population being the cause of air pollution and CO2 emission. 

The drive to reduce carbon emissions or flattening the carbon curve, calls for solid action plans and ground level implementation that can achieve immediate goals. Although many of the action plans and implementation will require changes in lifestyle, behaviour and attitude from urbanites. Many of us are are not mindful that we are part of the problem, and we are all part of the solution as well. Cities need to come up with policies and incentives that will lead individuals to play their part in building a low carbon and resilient society. 

There will be a special session to discuss, share the ideas and strategies on how to develop and implement effective City Action Plans to combat climate change at the city level by changing behaviour pattern and mindset.  

The session will be held on the first day of the event, 28th September at 4pm. The session will start with an opening remark from Dr. Nagulendran Kangayatkarasu, the Deputy Sec. General from the Ministry of Environment and Water. Followed by panel discussion moderated by Nasha Lee, Environment Analyst Climate Change & Energy, from UNDP; and led by Norizal Khushairi Mohamad Zamri, National Project Manager from GTALCC, alongside with panelists from various verticals that are currently involved in the low-carbon cities initiatives.

The panelists are: 

Panelist 1 – society Sofia Castelo Lead – Resilience Community of Practice, Think City 
Panelist 2 – Energy & Built Environment Ashwin Thurairajah GeenRE 
Panelist 3 – Food Dr Sarana Che Omar Khazanah Research Institute 
Panelist 4 – Transport Innovation Johan Sammy Co-founder, SERV LCC 
Panelist 5 – Nature YB Puan Hajah Rotina Mohd Daik National Landscape Department 
Panelist 6 – Cities  City Adviser, C40 Cities 
Panelist 7 – Mobility Jeh Haur Chan ITP & Transit.MY 

The special session will also feature the launch of Malaysia’s first mobile app for Climate Responsive Mobility called AKTIF.Life, developed by a local startup SERV LCC. Do stay tuned for more details of the app. 

For more information about the special session, please download the pdf file or visit Urbanice Malaysia

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