Malaysian Government OK to Ride Hailing Services

Yesterday Malaysian Government gave the green light for the transport commission to legalise the controversial ride-hailing/sharing services by Uber and Grab.

Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) chief executive officer Mohd Azharuddin Mat Sah had presented the commission’s proposal to revamp the conventional taxi industry and expand transport services by legalising the controversial Uber and Grab services yesterday.

Among them are plans to improve the Teksi 1Malaysia (TEKS1M) model, streamline the budget cabs fleet and a suggestion for a special fund for new taxi vehicles. Also addressing the controversial taxi permits which is currently held by companies to be moved to individual permits.

Existing laws will be amended and possible enactment of new ones for the relevant government agencies to formally legalize Uber and Grab.

Once that step is completed, a new ecosystem consisting of an estimated 150,000 new individual taxi, Uber and Grab drivers are expected to provide services to the public over the next three years once the new laws in place.

The statement notes that this is the first step towards revamping the transportation industry which is a testament of the Government’s commitment to support and incorporate innovative solutions to resolve the transportation woes in Malaysia.

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