SwiftE: Solution to College’s Parking & Traffic Congestion Problem

From the student’s perspective, finding parking on or around campus is an absolute nightmare. From the University’s perspective, finding the money to accommodate all student-parking needs is totally unfathomable.  

What’s the solution to campus congestion problems?

SwiftE, a university ride-sharing app for students by students – aims to reduce traffic and parking problem in the USA and help over 20 Million college students. 

SwiftE was released in April 15, 2016, on Apple and Android devices. In order to use SwiftE, students must create a profile with their university-associated email address, as well with their Facebook profile. Facebook, will notify students of how many mutual friends they have with their driver, to figure out if the driver is trustworthy. Drivers must include their driver’s license and insurance to be approved for driving. Also, students can send the profile of their driver, to parents and friends, for extra safety measures.

SwiftE is a company that strives to be green, secure for students, convenient, and economical. Swifte currently has brand ambassadors in over 15 schools, including California, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, and Texas, with more states to come. -PressCable

The Solution to the Parking Problem… By Pete Hunt

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