What Happens to Uber Drivers when Self-Driving Cars Hit the Roads?

That is one of the questions raised during the recent Uber’s public Q&A session with Uber drivers.

Uber has recently been caught in a tussle with Uber drivers due to low earnings in the U.S. Somebody from Uber thought that it will be great PR piece of work to hold a public question-and-answer session on Facebook this Thursday to address Uber drivers issues and grievances, according to theTechPortal.

Uber’s President Jeff Jones, the fearless leader took on the task to address Uber drivers queries ended up answering only 12 questions on facebook for 30 minutes before “disappearing into thin air”– but the Q&A session had more than 560 comments!

The complaints from Uber drivers varied from low fare prices, lower earnings, and hated services like UberPOOL.

The Independent Drivers Guild joined in the Uber Drivers feeding frenzy questioning Uber’s quest to put self-driving taxis on the roads. We are surprised that none of Uber drivers brought up “Uber Elevate” the self-driving air taxi!

Here are their comments:

  1. What are you going to do about YOUR DRIVERS (Uber Drivers) when driverless cars come on the road?
  2. Will you be giving Uber drivers stock options once there are driverless cars on the roads?
  3. Has Uber forgotten that Uber drivers built their company?
  4. Why should Uber drivers be put out of work when they were the ones made Uber successful? (and pay your salary)

Uber driver Kevin O’Rouke commented “I found this page because of all the negative media stories on how this Q&A was a hot mess. Granted you can’t answer all our questions in a very meager 30 minutes, but I sincerely hope you will take the time to give us meaningful answers as soon as possible. While you may not be able to make everyone happy, giving honest and substantive answers will go a long way to earning our respect. Platitudes and canned answers just further erode our faith in Uber to take care of drivers.”

Uber drivers continued voicing their negative views saying “Bottom line: Uber doesn’t care about us, and neither does Jeff Jones. This was a poorly planned, poorly executed attempt at pacification”

Talk about a PR disaster on facebook, Uber sure nailed it this time!

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