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Tesla Removes ZiDong Jiashi “Autopilot” Translation from China Website

Tesla Customer recent car crash blamed Tesla for strongly  promoting  term “zidong jiashi” appears several times on Tesla’s Chinese portal, which is most literally translated to mean “self-driving” similar to airplane autopilot. Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) has removed the word “autopilot” and “self-driving” from its China website after a driver in Beijing, who recently crashed in “autopilot” mode, complained that the car maker overplayed

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Driver Who Crashed blames Tesla’s Sales Staff

The driver who crashed says Tesla’s sales staff promoted the system as “self-driving.” Tesla said on Wednesday that one of its cars had crashed in Beijing while in “autopilot” mode, with the driver contending sales staff sold the function as “self-driving,” overplaying its actual capabilities. Tesla said it had reviewed data to confirm the car was in autopilot mode, a system

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