University of Indonesia Designs, Launches Electric Car and Bus

Jakarta. The University of Indonesia on Monday (18/07) launched four electric vehicles designed by campus engineers at the university’s engineering center in Depok, West Java.

The launch featured an electric bus, Makara Electric Vehicle (MEV) 01, MEV 02 city car conversion and MEV 03 city car conversion. The four types of cars are ready for operation, although they still need permit from police to hit the road.

The electric bus can carry up to 60 passengers with 120 kW electric motor and 300 Ah battery and can travel [at a speed of] 40-80 km/hour. MEV 01 city car conversion is an electric car of the first generation that uses electric motor designed by UI Molina Team. It uses Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) electric motor with a capacity of 25 kW.

The third type, city car conversion MEV 03, is a commercial vehicle conversion. The car adopt a hybrid system that uses an AC induction motor with 32 kW and 102 Ah battery. Whereas city car conversion MEV 02 is a conversion from commercial vehicle that uses AC induction motor with 7.5 kW and 102 Ah battery.

The bus has been tested and will be used on campus, replacing traditional buses, to transport students.

The Molina UI team of engineers have also researched the impact of electric cars on economic, social, cultural and legal aspects within the community. A solar-powered recharge station is also in the development stage to complement the cars.

“Soon, this electric bus will operates transporting students around the campus to support UI green campus vision,” UI rector Muhammad Anis said in a statement received by the Jakarta Globe on Tuesday (19/07).

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