Nissan & Scoot on Car-Sharing Electric Cars

Nissan Future Lab’s latest project is a collaboration with Scoot Networks. The companies have deployed a fleet of 10 Nissan New Mobility Concept cars – also known as the Renault Twizy – to Scoot’s hometown, San Francisco. There, participants can use an app developed by Scoot to request a car. In many ways, it will be similar to a program Nissan implemented in Japan. Nissan says this program will help them understand how and why people use car sharing in an urban environment. It will also help the company learn some of the logistics of car sharing services such as where to place cars and how to return them to their home locations.

The other project Nissan Future Lab is working on is a bit older, having initially started in 2014. The group partnered with the US Air Force on researching how electric cars could be used to support an electric grid. The fleet of Nissan Leafs the company provided can be used to store excess electricity from the power plant that can be returned to the grid during high-demand hours.

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