Genesis will be Equipped with Remote Voice Command to Control Car


Amazon Alexa allows Genesis owners to send remote commands to their car from inside their home using simple voice interaction through Genesis Connected Services and an Alexa-enabled device.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif.Aug. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — “Did I lock the car?” “How can I warm up my car on a snowy morning without going outside, get my news and still get to work on time?” These are questions that can leave many car owners feeling frazzled. But not G80 and G90 owners, as Genesis is the first automaker to launch an Alexa skill, allowing remote voice commands to control connected cars. Genesis Connected Services can take care of these tasks and more from inside the home using the Alexa voice service on Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap. The new Alexa skill for Genesis is available today across Alexa-enabled devices.

Additionally, Genesis G90 owners will receive a complimentary Gift Card redeemable towards an Amazon Echo.

How It Works   

Amazon Alexa allows customers to send remote commands to their car from inside their home using simple voice interaction through Genesis Connected Services and an Alexa-enabled device. To send commands to Genesis vehicles via Alexa, users must enable the Genesis skill in their Alexa app available on iOS, Android and Fire tablets, and then link their existing Genesis Connected Services Account within the Alexa app. Voice commands will only be sent to Genesis vehicles after Alexa prompts owners for their Genesis Connected Services Personal Identification Number (PIN).

How to Start Genesis Amazon Alexa

Example User Statement to Alexa

Example Alexa’s Response to User

“Alexa, open Genesis.”

“Welcome to the Genesis skill.”

Genesis Amazon Alexa Skill: Remote Services

Remote Services

Examples of Voice Commands to Alexa

Remote Start with Set Temperature

“Alexa, tell Genesis to start my car at 70 degrees.”

Remote Start

“Alexa, tell Genesis to start my Black G90.”

Remote Stop

“Alexa, tell Genesis to stop my Gray G90.”

Remote Lock

“Alexa, tell Genesis to lock my car.”

Remote Unlock

“Alexa, tell Genesis to unlock my car.”

Remote Lights

“Alexa, tell Genesis to flash the lights on my G80.”

Remote Horns and Lights

“Alexa, tell Genesis to honk the horn on my car.”

Genesis Connected Services 

Genesis vehicles are equipped with three years of complimentary Genesis Connected Car Services. Genesis Connected Services bring seamless connectivity directly into the car with technology like Remote Start with Climate Control, Destination Search powered by Google®, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Car Finder, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, and Stolen Vehicle Recovery. Genesis Connected Services can be easily accessed from the buttons on the rearview mirror and center stack, the Web or via an exclusive Genesis owners’ smartphone app.

Connected Care package:

  • Automatic Collision Notification (ACN) and Assistance
  • SOS Emergency Assistance
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance
  • Monthly Vehicle Health Report
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • Automated Diagnostic Trouble Code Notification (DTC)
  • Service Link
  • Genesis App (smartphone)
  • On-Demand Diagnostics
  • Driving Information

Remote package:

  • Remote Start with Climate Control
  • Remote Door Lock/Unlock
  • Remote Horn and Lights
  • Car Finder via Mobile App
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery/Slowdown/Immobilization
  • Vehicle Safeguard Alerts:
    • Geo-Fence
    • Valet Alert
    • Speed/Curfew Alert

Guidance package:

  • Destination search powered by Google®
  • Destination Send-to-Car by Google®

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