Mercedes-Benz to Introduce A Road and Rail Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz has announced it will reveal three new specially-developed Unimog utes at the Innotrans trade fair in Berlin next month.

Releasing pictures and details of all three vehicles, all production-spec Unimogs come equipped with a new road-rail pack that allow the tough ute to drive along any railway at up to speeds of 50km/h.

Created specifically for companies who run large-scale railways and metro systems, the road-rail Unimog has been designed for rail and overhead maintenance. One version created for the show can even take over shunting duties with claims that it can push or pull rail stock weighing up to 1000 tonnes.

Mercedes-Benz auf der Bahntechnikmesse Innotrans: Der Unimog – vielseitig auf Schiene und Straße

Mercedes-Benz road-rail Unimog: economical shunting with up to 1000 t towing capacity and a relatively light vehicle weight

Based on the long wheelbase version of the 170kW 5.1-litre Unimog U423, Benz claims the ute can even be used on tram tracks and can be controlled remotely from an elevated work platform.

According to the German car-maker the transformation from truck to rail locomotive takes a “few minutes” and the Unimog can drive on normal gauge railways lines as well as a number of international wide-gauge tracks.

Mercedes-Benz auf der Bahntechnikmesse Innotrans: Der Unimog – vielseitig auf Schiene und Straße

Other special modifications include fire protection certification for tunnel work and an on-board fire alarm and extinguishing system for the engine compartment.

One of the other Unimogs set to be revealed is another U423 that has been modified to incorporate a railway crane and work basket. The crane equipment also includes the added accessory of a clamshell grabber.

Mercedes-Benz is expected to release more information on all three Unimogs at the Berlin trade show following their unveiling on September 20.

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