BYD Daimler Launch Long Range Compact Electric Car

Denza, a Chinese brand co-owned by BYD and Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler, annouce the first long range, mass market Electric Car.

 Denza400 is based on the last generation of the Mercedes B-Class, a compact electric motor generating 181 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of instant torque, and a 62kWh battery pack mounted under the passenger compartment.

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The pack stores enough juice to give the 400 a 250-mile driving range. The company points out on its official website that driving at a steady 40 mph bumps that figure up to about 293 miles, however.

In comparison, a Nissan Leaf can drive for 107 miles on a single charge, while a base model Tesla Model X 60D is rated at 200 miles. Denza explains that Chinese motorists will likely only need to charge the 400 once a week because they drive approximately 40 miles a day on average.

Denza’s newest model is on sale now in China. Pricing for the midlevel Executive trim starts at 415,800 yuan, less Government tax breaks, the Denza 400 Executive’s base price falls to 305,800 yuan. 

The Denza 400 is made and exclusively sold in China. 


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