Start Your Car-Sharing Ride-Sharing Business in 2 Days

It’s not that difficult to start your own on-demand ride sharing services business, all you  need is a website and a mobile app that will support iOS, Android, Windows — easy as it may sound but building a website to handle the end-to-end process of ride-sharing and a mobile app that will support the iPhones and Samsungs requires long hours of development time, resources and testing. Now, a  Web Design & Development Company has developed templates (or clones) for Ride-sharing, car-sharing, Uber like apps, Car Rental Apps and other on-demand Apps that you allows you to replicate the platform, which you can launch in just 2-3 days.

It’s as easy as setting up your own website using or, has a comprehensive on-demand services templates to help get you started.  The website  comes with various website design that you can choose from, you can select the default language and currency for your car-sharing or ride-sharing services site. on-demand solutions are web, Android and iOS mobile ready and caters for shared, public and private transport services.

start-your-own-ride-sharing-v3cube-com-phone-app designed its products geared towards the share economy concept. have a vast experience building many share economy sites like Uber, Uber for X, ride-sharing, car-sharing, boat sharing, flight sharing etc.

Ranging from mini to large systems, products are popular in the sharing economy especially the Uber on-demand taxi app, followed by Uber for X. Other on-demand products that are well known amongst startups are: ride-sharing System, car-sharing system, Parcel Sharing System, University and College Rides-Sharing System, Cargo and Freight Sharing System, Event Rides-Sharing System, Food Sharing System, Boat Sharing System, and Corporate Staff Rides-Sharing System, among others.

How it works

  1. Discuss your car-sharing or ride-sharing services requirement with and choose the script you want to buy.
  2. Provide your Server details or FTP and password where the site needs to be launched.
  3. Choose the template style and color you like from template showcase.
  4. will upload, configure and launch the site on your standard Linux Server.
  5. Android & iPhone Apps will be in sync with the website and help you to reach more people.
  6. Start earning from your car-sharing or ride-sharing business!




What about the payment gateway ? makes sure that you get paid for the car-sharing /ride-sharing services via its payment gateway integration:

v3cube-com-ride-sharing-payment-flow-system is owned & managed by a group of experienced IT Managers founded in year 2005 based in Ahmedabad, India, today its presence extends to the United Kingdom and United States. has delivered over 5,000 projects worldwide across almost all industries since the year 2005 with 800 plus responsive web+mobile development and launched 200 plus mobile apps.

To start a car-sharing or ride-sharing service provider/startup, one must take into consideration the development cost of the ride-sharing platform and the speed of deployment. In this case,  we believe that is probably ahead of its competition in cost and deployment; as all development or customisation is carried out in India with ready resources and easy to setup platform. As stated repetitively on its website, you can start your own ride-sharing, car-sharing, on-demand sharing services fast within 2 to 3 days, at the most economic rates and start earning money!

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