Transit Authority Explores EasyMile Driverless Shuttles to Improve Connectivity

Transit Authority Explores EasyMile Driverless Shuttles to Improve Connectivity

Austin’s Capital Metropolitan Transit Authority (Capital Metro) is exploring the possibilities to deploy EasyMile EZ10 driverless shuttles — in an effort to improve connectivity between outer city locations and the mass transit network, according to Smartrail World.

Capital Metro operates bus, paratransit services and a commuter rail system known as Capital MetroRail for Austin and several suburbs. The transit organisation is exploring the opportunities for adding the autonomous vehicles to their services to access areas where traditional bus or rail service isn’t feasible. Capital Metro emphasises that the passenger vehicles will be used to compliment existing bus and rail service rather than replacing them.

According to Mariette Hummel, spokesperson for Capital Metro ( @CapMetroATX ) she said, “This is one of the possible options for our mobility innovation zones. Areas where large buses do not fit or where we have low demand means that we want to find a way to get people from those areas to our transit services.”

Hummell goes onto explain that these autonomous vehicles are intended to be a cost-effective way to get people from low-density areas to use their buses and rail services. EZ10 would intend to provide more potential riders rather than replacing rail operators.

The $250,000 vehicles are also expected to reduce the use of inefficient bus lines located in the west and southwestern areas of Austin.

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