EVAP to Provide EV Solutions to DOTr Jeepney Modernization Program

EVAP to Provide EV Solutions to DOTr Jeepney Modernization Program electric jeepney sustainable urban mobility

The Modern Jeepney powertrain will be equipped with either a new Euro 4 Compliant engine or an Electric Motor.

The Filipino’s dream to have an eco-friendly transport is still alive. The Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) Modernization Program of the Department of Transportation mandates that the modern PUV must have either a brand new Euro 4 compliant diesel engine or an electric motor. It must therefore have less of the toxic exhaust fumes or none at all.

The Failing Jeepneys

Preparatory to this, the Inter-Agency Council for Traffic (I-ACT) composed of the DOTr, PNP Highway Patrol Group, Metro Manila Development Authority, Land Transportation Office and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board are now busy taking out non-roadworthy jeepneys off the road. In its Tanggal Bulok, Tanggal Usok campaign, about 80% of the jeepneys tested failed either due to excessive exhaust fumes, tires with no more tread at all, lights that are not functioning, poor brakes, rusted and poorly painted bodies and unsafe electrical wirings.

Rommel Juan, president of the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines says that it is in this light that EVAP is working closely with the DOTr to provide the electric vehicle solution component of the program.

EVAP to Provide EV Solutions to DOTr Jeepney Modernization Program old jeepney

“We are now waiting for the release of the Route Rationalization Plan of the DOTr which will become the basis for implementing its Omnibus Franchising Guidelines. This is so that we can determine where electric vehicles, particularly EJeepneys, will be applicable for deployment. Electric vehicles are perfect for those last-mile trips” he says. “After commuters hop on the train or the bus to get out of the city and head back home, EJeepneys are the perfect vehicles to transport them to the last mile to get them nearer to home. In residential areas where a quiet environment is a must, electric vehicles are the perfect mode of transport”.

New Bus Routes, New Jeepneys

Under the PUV Modernization Program, the DOTr plans to replace some 200,000 old jeepneys which are more than 15 years old with the modern PUV. It will also determine what type of vehicles will ply on particular roads and how many of them will be granted franchises to operate. In the process, there may even be new routes in the cities or provinces that will be identified.

Juan reveals that EVAP members are now gearing up for the impending increase in the demand for EJeepneys in the next three to five years.

“The EV industry has been with us for about eight years now and there are already proofs of concept for electric jeepneys and tricycles that have been and are still operational. These are in the Alabang area particularly the Filinvest 360 loop, the Muntinlupa LGU and in certain universities and resorts with large premises. But now, it is time to roll out EV applications nationwide”.

EVAP is now in full support of the DOTr in its PUV Modernization Program, developing and exhibiting two EJeepney prototypes at the Eco PUV Showcase during the PhilApex 2017 Show last October where 16 modern PUV prototypes were presented to the public for the first time.

Safety & Comfort a Priority to Riders

Public response was positive to the more modern look of the Jeepneys that veered away from the iconic look of the Jeepneys of old. It has side doors instead of rear doors, no hood and a higher ceiling height that allows for standing passengers. Emergency exits are mandated and some units will even have provisions for PWD passengers. It has also been designed to be air-conditioned.

Philippine's Electric Vehicle Industry Upbeat for 2018 EVAP electric Jeepney public transport

The modern PUV has an option to run on either a brand new Euro 4 compliant diesel engine or an electric motor, brand new parts and components from bumper to bumper and an automated fare collection system, CCTV, GPS, wifi and speed limiter to boot! All these are in consideration of the environment and of the safety and convenience of the riding public.

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