Australia Post to Start Trial on Electric Delivery Vehicle

The new electric delivery vehicle has 3 times the parcel carrying capacity of current motorbikes used by Australia Post and can hold up to 100 small parcels and 1,200 letters at a time. According to the Managing Director of Australia Post, Ahmed Fahour it will be introduced in major cities from early next year.

Mr Fahour said the boom in online shopping had transformed the nation’s postal service, which had become an eCommerce leader over the past decade.

“Last year, parcels generated more than half of our total revenue,” Mr Fahour said.

He said that while letter volumes had nearly halved, Australia Post was looking at ways to keep its delivery people working.

“The e-vehicles are already successfully used in New Zealand, Germany and Switzerland, with international postal authorities seeing benefits including greater carrying capacity, improved rider safety and lower vehicle emissions,” Mr Fahour said.


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