Riding Pink: Women-Only Ride-Sharing Service In Malaysia

Since ride-sharing took the world by storm years ago, the issue of safety has been a critical point of debate. In essence, both driver and passenger are vulnerable to malicious intent from each other, but the risk is arguably skewed to being higher for the passenger side.

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This is especially true for female users in areas where the risk to their wellbeing is already higher than most other places.

Take, for instance, the Indian rape case for which an Uber driver was convicted in November 2015 and sentenced to life in prison. Just a month prior, an Uber driver in in Australia was charged for raping a British tourist — he was found guilty last month.

Over in the United States, at least one ride-sharing driver was charged with multiple counts of rape, suggesting that the platform could be open to systematic criminal abuse.

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The rise of female-only ride-sharing services is a direct response to the issue. One example is Safr, launched in the United States last year and boasts that it is “built for and powered by women”. There is also See Jane Go, rolled out late last year.

Riding Pink is the answer for Malaysians ride-sharing app that was made by women, for women. This exclusively female service is meant to help women feel safe and earn some income.

Riding Pink was launched as a service by women for women with two goals in mind: allowing women a flexible avenue for additional income and providing a safer transportation alternative, other than ride sharing apps and public transport.

Riding Pink has yet to launch their mobile app but their services can be manually booked. Interested customers can contact them via PM or WhatsApp to the number they’ve provided. Riding Pink will then proceed to find a driver for the customer from their database of registered drivers.

Fare rates are based on a minimum fare they’ve set along with distance and some additional allowances for requests during peak hours.

Daily commuters — women only can now make a booking with Riding Pink via Whatsapp contact number 016 272 2554 or  via  Riding Pink Facebook page.

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