Daimler’s Car-sharing car2go 2016 Data at a Glance

In financial year 2016, Daimler’s wholly owned subsidiary – a free floating, one-way car-sharing car2go Group, had an increase of membership by 43-percent to 2.2 million global members.



  • 2.2 million worldwide in total membership for the year 2016.
  • 14,000 vehicles of Smart and Mercedes Benz models makes up car2go car-sharing fleet. Including 1,300 Pure Electric Vehicle in car2go fleet.
  • car2go vehicles were rented more than 22 million times.
  • Highest car2go membership growth rate in Madrid (+96,000), Berlin (+47,000), Vancouver (+26,000) and Hamburg (+26,000).
  • 40 percent increase in utilisation for car2go vehicles between Q4 2015 and Q4 2016.
  • car2go services 26 cities across the Globe- 14 in Europe, including 7 in Germany, 11 in North America, and 1 in Asia in Chongqing/China).
  • car2go Pure Electric Vehicles are available in Stuttgart, Amsterdam and Madrid.
  • A car2go member takes a trip every 1.4 second.

North America

  • Canada’s Vancouver leads car2go with 120,000 local memberships.
  • Seattle leads the U.S cities with 85,000 local memberships.
  • 32 million trips taken since 2012.
  • A car2go member takes a trip every 3 seconds.


Olivier Reppert, global CEO of car2go Group, is optimistic for 2017: “Car-sharing is a very dynamic growth market. car2go will continue to grow our business in the coming year, too – with new fleets, new offers, and new products.”

“car2go is an integral part of our comprehensive mobility offerings,” said Klaus Entenmann, CEO of Daimler Financial Services AG. “Millions of people all over the world are using our mobility services, and they all have one thing in common: they want up-to-date, flexible, and spontaneous mobility in their city – without owning a car.”

car2go is the world’s first free-floating car-sharing service, car2go provides car-sharing  in these three areas:

  • FREE FLOATING: Members can pick up and drop off any car2go anywhere within the car2go Home Area — they do not need to drive the car back to its original location or commit to a predetermined amount of time. They can simply drive the car for as long as they need it, park the car at their destination, and end the rental by swiping the card on the windshield reader. At this moment the car becomes available for the next member to use.
  • PAY BY THE MINUTE: Members pay by the minute for the actual time they use the car, with discounted rates for hourly and daily use. There is no minimum amount of time that a car can be used — whether they need a car for ten minutes or an entire day, members simply get in and drive, for as long as they want, without a mandatory return time or location. Parking fees, fuel, maintenance and insurance are included at no additional cost, and there are no annual or monthly fees.
  • ON DEMAND: Members can use the first available car2go they find, via a smart phone app, with the car2go vehicle finder at car2go.com, by calling the customer call center, or by simply locating an available car2go on the street. Members can also reserve a vehicle up to 24 hours in advance, although reservations are not required. Members have unrestricted and unlimited access to car2go vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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