PSA Group Launches the Mother of All Car-Sharing App Free2Move

With car companies jumping on the On-demand car-sharing services platform and the sprouting of mobility-sharing services startups, we are spoilt for choice. The frustration comes when we are trying to book a ride or car on our favourite car-sharing app and there’s no car available. Naturally, when we could not find a car on our favourite app , we will open our second favourite app and try to find a less desirable car, and so on.

Also we tend to be thrifty with how much we pay for a car, so we compare price between the car-sharing service providers to get a better deal. Frankly, this takes quite a bit of time and when we are pressed for time– finding a car on a tight budget can be very frustrating.

So, booking a car will be easier if we can access to a number of “reputable” car-sharing operators using just one car-sharing app. It will be awesome if this one car-sharing app could bring together not just car-sharing, but scooter-sharing and bicycle-sharing too! Which we can view on a single screen all the nearby free vehicles, compare prices, check out the features of the available car-sharing, the brand, number of seats and book it!

Well, PSA Group did just that!

PSA Group through its Free2Move brand launched its first car-sharing app that provides access to car-sharing services from approximately twenty operators providing on-demand sharing services for car, scooter and bicycle – all on a single screen. The user can compare prices, the location and the features of the available car-sharing means of transport (brand, number of seats, energy type) for immediate use or to make a reservation.

The car-sharing Free2Move app is already available in several cities in Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden and the United Kingdom. It will soon be offered in France, Spain and the Netherlands.

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Free2Move app is free and available on the App Store, Play Store and Windows Phone.

“The Free2Move application simplifies our customers’ mobility experience by offering them solution choices through an intuitive platform. This is possible, first and foremost, thanks to all our partners who provide new types of mobility. The Free2Move app provides real freedom of movement in one click! ” – Grégoire Olivier, Head of PSA Group’s Mobility Services

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