Hammond Announces Electric Bicycle collection for Indiegogo Campaign

Today, Hammond eBike Technology announced their Hammond electric bicycle collection, loaded with Hi-Tech gadgets. The foldable electric bicycle collection is available in 4 unique designs including The Hammond 500 (500-watt motor), The Hammond 750 (750-watt motor), The Hammond 1000 (1000 watt motor) and The Hammond unlimited (interchangeable motor). Each electric bicycle also comes in a coordinated custom-made bike bag, and a newly designed GPS, touchscreen bike computer called The Hammond X5. Hammond collection is the first ever fully loaded folding, electric bicycle in a custom bag. To join in this revolution, visit www.hammondebiketechnology.com and input your contact information.

The prototypes are almost complete. The company is offering everyone to own this fantastic product by launching an Indiegogo campaign. Hammond ebike technology is taking the Indiegogo campaign to another level by giving backers perks for life. This includes  5% to 35% off to backers for life from their online store, which will  launch July 2017, if the campaign is successful.

SOURCE Hammond eBike

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