TLD Partners EasyMile to Develop Autonomous Baggage Tractor

TLD Partners EasyMile to Develop Autonomous Baggage Tractor for airport autonomous self driving driverless vehicle airport ground vehicle

At Inter Airport 2017, TLD and EasyMile announce a partnership to develop TractEasy, the first autonomous baggage tractor

Munich, Germany, October 10th, 2017.

Ground Support Equipment, as many other driving machines, are experiencing a technological revolution with the development of Assistance and Automation systems that will change the ramp operating environment in the coming years.  In keeping with that trend, TLD and EasyMile joined their expertise to develop the TractEasy. TractEasy is  a driverless baggage tractor  incorporating software  that allows the robotized unit to operate in a complex and live ramp environment.

Self Driving Electric Baggage Tractor

This complete solution  integrates  the ramp operation  organization, the safety parameters of the unit on the ramp, the navigational software to optimize  routes as well as the vital security layers to ensure protection against outside interference.. TractEasy will be based on TLD’s successful electric tractor JET-16 and will integrate all remote control, communication and safety detection tools developed by EasyMile as part of their driverless technology – one of the most advanced autonomous vehicle solutions – already used in EasyMile’s EZ10 driverless shuttle.

TractEasy solution is meant to transfer baggage and freight from the terminal to the aircraft area, on the service roads, with a fully driverless approach. It will operate in normal traffic, without infrastructure modification, and in all weather conditions. TractEasy will be fitted with a complete cabin to allow the operator at the stand to take control for the final approach of the dollies to the aircraft. TractEasy will  generate significant operational benefits, allowing a pay-back expected in less than 2 years, depending on the operations and conditions.

The system has been robotized for the driverless applications, while keeping a complete driver position to allow the final operations.

“This is a strategic partnership for TLD, allowing us to address a fast growing customer demand with an existent proven technology. Airports represent a real short term opportunity for driverless vehicles, with a well-defined environment, and very significant potential pay-back. TLD and EasyMile are sharing strong values, starting with Innovation” said Antoine MAGUIN, CEO of TLD.

“TLD will benefit from EasyMile technological leadership and strategic partnership with key players in the industry such as Continental. On the other hand, EasyMile is happy to provide its technology to a well proven tractor platform, able to address the customers challenge on the ramp, and to the extensive TLD service network. Those synergies will definitely create value to customers” said Gilbert GAGNAIRE, CEO of EasyMile.

The first prototype of TractEasy, the MSN-001, is displayed at TLD’s booth, C30 Outdoor Area, at Inter Airport 2017, while the driverless technology will be demonstrated live with an EasyMile EZ10 next to the booth. The prototype is expected to finalize its qualification test at Francazal Airport by mid-2018 for mid-scale applications with selected launch customers. Commercial applications are expected in Q1 2019.  TLD JET-16 electric baggage tractor is a standard in zero-emission ramp solution suiting a wide range of applications, from airport baggage handling to industrial uses. It offers a drawbar pull ranging from 1600 daN (3500 lbs) to 2000 daN (4400 lbs). Its AC technology allows progressive acceleration, high speeds over long distances and overall excellent towing performances. The system has been robotized for the driverless applications, while keeping a complete driver position to allow the final operations. JET-16 is made of a heavy-duty single-piece chassis to withstand severe operating conditions.

Level 4 Autonomous Technology

EasyMile’s first product is a 12 people driverless shuttle called EZ10. EZ10 has already driven more than 120 000km with full Level 4 autonomy. EZ10 will also be demonstrated at Inter Airport 2017. It is particularly suited for first/last mile passenger transportation needs of airport airside or terminal side.  EasyMile’s driverless technology is based on the fusion of different sensors Lidars, cameras, GPS… and uses advanced algorithms. EasyMile has also one of the most advanced fleet management solution, one of the first fully dedicated to autonomous vehicles.

About TLD:

TLD manufactures and distributes worldwide, through its global sales and service network, a complete range of GSE equipment, designed by its R&D teams and assembled in its seven facilities located in North America, Asia and Europe. TLD strongly invests in product innovation with a focus on energetic efficiency, green technologies, and optimization of equipment total cost of ownership. TLD is highly committed to bringing to its customers in the field, beyond and after the equipment sale, the highest level of support through its extensive network of technical and parts centres around the world.

About EasyMile:

Founded in 2014, EasyMile has a global reach with headquarters in Toulouse (France) and regional offices in Denver (USA), Berlin (Germany) and Singapore. The company has a workforce of 100 highly-skilled and passionate employees with expertise in robotics, computer vision and vehicle dynamics. EasyMile provides autonomous driving software and technologies for the first and last mile transportation of passengers and goods in various application sites: private areas, urban, suburban and rural environments. The driverless EZ10 shuttle has been so far deployed in 19 countries over in Asia-Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Europe.

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