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Bandar Sunway Sets Benchmark for Malaysia’s Urban Mobility Initiative

Bandar Sunway Sets Benchmark for Malaysia Urban Mobility Initiative

As Malaysia pushes an ambitious urban connectivity target, one township stands out as a model for integrated land public transport (LPT) that also promotes sustainable urban mobility: Bandar Sunway.   Rail-Bus & Last Mile Connectivity The township counts access to two train services — the Port Klang KTM Line via the Setia Jaya station and the Kelana Jaya LRT Line

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Earth Week 2017: Let’s Go Green Commuting

Earth Day Week Go Green Commuting - Do your part public transport walk bike carpool

Earth week is here again. This year’s April 22, which marks Earth Day worldwide, is a bit more significant — it also marks one year since the Paris Climate Change Agreement opened for signature on the same date last year. Over 130 countries signed the agreement including Malaysia. The agreement, which takes effect in 2020, sets out a global action plan to arrest dangerous climate

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Can Malaysia Achieve Emissions Cut Target with EEVs?

Can Malaysia Achieve Emissions Cut Target by 2030 with EEV Energy Efficient Vehicle

Personal vehicle ownership — cars account for about 59% of the overall CO2 emission from transportation. Malaysia wants all new vehicles entering the domestic market to be energy-efficient vehicles (EEVs) by 2025. According to the Malaysian Automotive Institute (MAI), this would ensure lower fossil fuel consumption and consequently lower carbon emission, the Sun Daily reported. For perspective, the EEV penetration in

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Why Women Safety in Ride-sharing Matters

Women Safety in Ride-sharing Matters

Last week, Malaysians pondered a question: is a Muslim female takes a ride-sharing service with a male driver, does that constitute khalwat? Khalwat means close proximity between a male and female who are not forbidden by blood ties from marrying. Such situations are forbidden and are often the subject of enforcement raids by Malaysian religious authorities. The Federal Territories’ Mufti office took

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Why Malaysia Urban Mobility Focuses on Public Transport, not Electric Vehicles

Malaysia urban mobility approach focus on Transit Oriented Development by Prasarana

Incentives for electric vehicles and subsidies for green technology companies define many countries’ pursuit of reduced urban traffic congestion and lower greenhouse gas emissions. But Malaysia is taking a different tack — it wants urban commuters to live closer to the land public transport (LPT) network instead. The agenda is to get 80% of the nation’s urban population to dwell

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Where is Singapore’s Autonomous Vehicle Initiative Heading?

Autonomous vehicle technology is among the hottest research and development focuses in the automotive industry these days, with future possibilities still seemingly boundless despite profound changes already brought by rapid technology advances in recent years. It may be confusing to the average bystander. The Autonomous Vehicle connotation is used interchangeably to describe varying degrees of autonomy — from as-yet non-viable

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Malaysia’s Electric Scooter Startup Eclimo Electrifies Local EV Scene

This week, a ministerial proposal to ban motorcycles from Kuala Lumpur in effort to reduce carbon emission has prompted criticism from Malaysians. Flying below the radar of the discourse, however, is a homegrown manufacturer of a greener alternative that has been steadily growing. Enter Eclimo, the Penang-based electric vehicle maker that will celebrate its ninth year of operations by June

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Malaysian Automotive Market sets to Recover in 2017 & Future Opportunities in the Ride-sharing Market

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Jan. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Frost & Sullivan forecasts Malaysia’s vehicle sales to reach 586,200 units in 2017 at a growth rate of 1.9 per cent. With the expected stabilization of Crude Oil prices in 2017, Malaysia’s economy is expected to recover from the market slowdown that it witnessed in 2015 and 2016. Mr. Vivek Vaidya, Senior Vice President of Mobility at Frost &

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Bangalore Metro Sets Last-Mile Connectivity Example For Malaysia

Soon, commuters in Bangalore, India will no longer have to worry about last-mile connectivity. Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), which operates the mass transit system servicing the city, wants to provide app-based taxi services to its customers. In a tender called on Dec 3rd, BMRCL said it is inviting bidders for a two-year exclusive licence to operate taxi services

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