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Malaysia Aims to Have 100,000 Electric Cars on the Road by 2020

According to an interview report by Channel NewsAsia  with Malaysian Green Technology Corporation’s chief executive officer Ahmad Hadri Haris, the Malaysian government is in partnership with Tesla Motors to supply Tesla Electric Vehicles to Malaysian government linked agencies. This is a one-off understanding between Green Tech Malaysia and Tesla Motors to supply 100 units of Model S in Malaysia, which was made possible

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Tesla 613km Range Battery Packs may Soon be Available to Owners

Publication Kenteken.TV via Reddit parsed through the information within the RDW database to reveal that Tesla has been granted approval on a Model S and Model X with 100 kWh battery pack P100D which will benefit current owners to increase range via update of Tesla Software limited battery packs. It would appear that the rumored Tesla P100D with 100 kWh battery pack

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Musk Says Narrow AI Is Key To Autonomous Driving

With the recent announcement that Tesla and MobilEye are ending their long time business relationship, Elon Musk gave some details on what to expect from Tesla’s Autopilot and fully autonomous driving development.   On Tesla’s proprietary mapping initiatives.  “What we’ve said thus far is that there’s need to have much higher definition maps than currently exists anywhere in the world in order

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